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Pistoia - San Baronto (19,4 km), San Baronto - Fucecchio (26,4 km)

The 'Romea Strata' is a long road that crosses Europe. Its Tuscan stretch goes through the Montalbano area plunging in amongst olive groves and vineyards.

The ‘Romea Strata‘ is a road of international religion and culture which starts from Tallin in Estonia and
reaches as far as Rome, going through seven different countries on the way.

An ancient route, used well before the era of pilgrimages as a commercial arterial road: trading in amber, salt, iron, and silk, together with men, ideas and works of art.

The Tuscan stretch, 102,5 km long, starts from Capanno Tassoni in Fucecchio. Leaving behind Pistoia – a pilgrim destination due to the Saint James the Elder relic held in the San Zeno Cathedral – the Road crosses Montalbano. The short journey winds around the hilly slopes to the north-east of the Quarrata area and goes on towards the hamlet of Vinci.


Romea Strata

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