Visit the ‘Casa di Zela’ and the Oasis area - Visit Quarrata
Photo credit: Casa di Zela Facebook
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Visita a Casa di Zela e Area Oasi

Tradizione e natura del territorio



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Arts and culture
Casa di Zela e Area Naturale La Querciola
Saturday, Sunday, holidays

A chance to discover Quarrata's traditions: visit the 'Casa di Zela' museum and walk around La Querciola's natural environment.

In a setting still to be perfected, made up of 7000 parts, the Museum of ‘Casa di Zela’ accompanies you on
a journey on the way to discovering Quarrata’s cultural roots and its farming world.

Thanks to the vicinity of La Querciola’s Natural Reserve, while on a visit to the museum, you can also go
on a naturalistic tour and observe the flora and fauna, typical of humid areas.

Photo credit: Casa di Zela Facebook


Meeting point: Casa di Zela (Via Nuova 48, Casini – Quarrata)
Duration: 2 hours


Minimum number of participants:: 5


Museo Casa di Zela