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The village of Santonuovo rises at the foot of the hill of Montemagno. Thanks to the lake and the Flight Field, it is the ideal destination for lovers of outdoor sports.


The hamlet of Santonuovo, in the municipality of Quarrata, is located at the foot of the hill of Montemagno.

Here, already in the fourteenth century, stood a church formerly known as Santa Maria Novella. At the end of the eighteenth century, in its place, Bishop Scipione de’ Ricci built the Church of San Germano with simple but solemn neoclassical forms.

Campo di Volo

Santonuovo is home to the Campo di Volo, a landmark for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The track, with its 430 meters grassy bottom, is ideal for the use of hang gliders and ultralight planes.

The Field of Flight is managed by the Amateur Sports Association Penguins that promote aviation culture in all its aspects, organizing pilot courses for the achievement of I and II-degree patents, meetings and parties with flight baptisms open to all.