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Situated on the ridge of Montalbano, Tizzana is a village with a medieval past, with a leading role in the struggle between Pistoia and Florence.


Since 1959, Tizzana is a fraction of the municipality of Quarrata. Perched on a ridge of Montalbano, the oldest nucleus of the village is witnessed since 1038. Thanks to its strategic position and the castle, it was the subject of disputes between the cities of Pistoia and Florence, passing under the control of both. In 1325, even the fierce Lucca leader Castruccio Castracani had to surrender in the siege.

Only a part of the first walls of its ancient fortifications remains, which used to surround the central core of the castle. The watchtower now serves as the bell tower of the Pieve di San Bartolomeo, while where once stood the castle keep there is a roof garden.

The Francesco Colzi monument

In front of the Pieve di San Bartolomeo, there is the monument to Farncesco Colzi (1855-1903), a surgeon and essayist from Tizzano, it is the work of the artist Umberto Bacci and was inaugurated in 1910.