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Picturesque town with an ancient medieval past, Valenzatico is known for the Carnival that people celebrate with floats, parades, and numerous events.


Valenzatico is a fraction of the Municipality of Quarrata, mentioned in the Memorial of Bishop Ildebrando (about 1132).

The Church of Saints Mary and Clement, although it has medieval origins, takes on its current appearance after the reconstruction that occurred in the early nineteenth century. Inside there is the Last Supper by Alessio Gemignani, dated 1612.

The Rio de Valenzatico carnival

The Carnival in Valenzatico is a festive period for all citizens. With over thirty years of tradition, the Valencian Carnival Association organizes parades of floats, competitions and numerous other events for adults and children.

Villa Zaccanti

Not far from the Medici Villa La Magia, there is Villa Zaccanti, an elegant summer residence of the local nobility with beautiful, frescoed rooms and a large garden. Characteristic is the turret for the breeding of pigeons and doves with three large windows.