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Filet Museum of Villa La Magia

A journey through tradition and quarratino crafts



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Villa La Magia

Within the historic setting of Villa La Magia, discover the Filet Museum for a journey through the history and tradition of Quarrata.

Inside the rooms of Villa La Magia di Quarrata is housed the Museo del filet, which exhibits artifacts related to the tradition of embroidery in fashion and filet.

The exhibition stems from a collaboration of the Municipality of Quarrata with the Istituto Comprensivo statale Bonaccorso da Montemagno, which promotes a workshop for adults aimed at teaching the artisanal technique of filet.

Magazines, registers, clothes, hats, filet gloves, work objects, in addition to their historical and documentary value, testify to the craftsmanship and entrepreneurial skills linked to the history of the territory of Quarrata. In fact, since the early 1900s, thanks to Countess Gabriella Rasponi Spalletti, many women achieved emancipation thanks to employment in this new craft.

The Filet Museum represents an enrichment of the exhibition possibilities, and the educational paths offered for the monumental complex of the Medici villa quarratina.

The filet lace is a type of lace that has a characteristic gridding with particular designs and weaves that are created by the use of a needle called mòdano. This type of processing derives from the techniques that fishermen used to create and repair fishing nets.


Villa La Magia