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Photo credit: Diocesi di Pistoia
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Via San Lorenzo 3, Quarrata
Curated by
Diocesi di Pistoia

This church is one of the most ancient still standing in the Pistoia area. The Provostship now features neoclassical shapes and holds important artistic cycles.

Documents already furnish proof of its existence in 982 and the Provostship of Santa Maria Assunta in Quarrata is one of the most ancient in the Pistoia area.

This ancient Romanesque Parish Church – traces of which are still to be found in part of its masonry – was considerably renovated during the 17th century. In 1874, the church was almost demolished and then rebuilt in its present-day form so that it could accomodate and be suitable for an every growing and expanding population.

Noways, you can see its Neoclassical look with the three austere entrance portals. Its bell tower was built
beside it, according to a project by the Quarrata engineer, Eugenio Sarteschi.

Romano Stefanelli’s frescoes

Along the walls of the nave and the presbytery, you can admire an evocative cycle of frescoes based on the life of Christ and made by the Florentine painter, Romano Stefanelli, between 1984 and 1991.

Of special interest is the Last Supper, a large work of art that covers a wall which is 6 metres long, inside the Oami Maria Assunta family chapel. To complete this work and its entire cycle, the artist took inspiration for the costumes, the character’s heads of hair and the environment from the medieval illuminated illustrations and from Holy Writings.

He was one of Pietro Annigoni’s pupils, and Stefanelli demonstrates that he has learnt from his teacher an intense artistic technique and a figurative and realistic style, preferring portraits, landscapes, and sacred art.


Diocesi di Pistoia