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Photo credit: F. Benescperi, Quarrata identità di un territorio, Gli Ori, Pistoia 2007
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Jorio Vivarelli's Conforto



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Via Trieste, Quarrata

The large bronze sculpture by Jorio Vivarelli, dedicated to street victims, represents three figures embracing a grieving mother.

Created in 1963 by the master Jorio Vivarelli, the sculpture Conforto, also called “the mothers who cry”, is a work dedicated to the victims of road accidents.

The work, about three meters high, represents three figures that gather around a mother and describes the inevitable pain that necessarily unites, in fact, in comfort. The work was commissioned by the Lenzi family in memory of their son Guido, who died in a car accident.

In other works of the author, you can see his interest in representing a group of women united in a supportive embrace, but only in the Comfort it reaches the atmost of tragedy, modeling the upset figures as if they belonged to a single body.

After a first placement along the Via Statale in Bottegone, in 2004 the work found a new location in the garden in front of the Giovanni Michelucci Multimedia Library in via Trieste (Quarrata).

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