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Via di Mezzo 134, Vignole (Quarrata)

The ancient Lombard building was enlarged and renovated in the 18th century. The bell tower with a dome covered with scale tiles is of particular interest.

The Church of San Michele Arcangelo is located in Vignole, in the province of Quarrata.

Mentioned in pastoral visits since 1383, the title to the Archangel Gabriel, dear to the barbarians, suggests that the building was initially a Lombard stronghold, placed along the route that led from the Via Francigena to the Apennine border of the Byzantine Kingdom.

The ancient church was enlarged and completely restored in the 18th century. The interior features a series of frescoes and an eighteenth-century canvas depicting Saint Michael the Archangel according to Raphael’s iconography. On the opposite side, there is an ancient organ made in 1797 by Pietro Agati from Pistoia.

Photo credit: Elborgo, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Noteworthy is the bell tower, rebuilt in the mid-fifteenth century, instead of the old tower, and again altered in the seventeenth century following damage caused by lightning. Made of terracotta and with a square base, the building has mullioned windows and single lancet windows and is topped by a dome covered with tiles, probably the result of a later makeover.


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