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Via Corbellicce 52, Valenzatico (Quarrata)
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An example of neo-Renaissance architecture, the Church of Saints Mary and Clement preserves, among other works, a canvas by the renowned painter Alessio Gimignani.

The first information about a presbyter de Valenthatico date back to the Memorial of Bishop Ildebrando of about 1132.

A church dedicated to Santa Maria is attested in Velenzatico in the first half of the thirteenth century, but at the end of the century it began to be referred to as San Clemente. The double title to Saints Mary and Clement is more widespread since the mid-sixteenth century.

Of the ancient medieval building remains the square bell tower. The current appearance of the church is the result of a radical renovation of the early nineteenth century, which also included the construction of the large loggia that surrounds the building on three sides.

The interior consists of a single nave surmounted by a ceiling with a barrel vault that frames spaces in neo-Renaissance style. A particularly valuable work is the canvas depicting the Last Supper, dated 1615 and signed by Alessio Gimignani, founder of a family of artists highly active in the province.


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