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Via Campiglio alla Stella 50, Santonuovo - Quarrata
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Probably of Romanesque origins, the Church of Santo Stefano is a perfect example of rural religious architecture. Nowadays it displays a Neoclassical style.

On Montalbano’s slopes, along the road that takes you from Quarrata to Santonuovo, stands the Church of Santo Stefano in Campiglio.

Probably of Romanesque origins, documents prove that it goes back to 1231 and it is an interesting example of rural and religious architecture. Its present structure is due to various modifications made during the second half of the 17th century, as can be seen by various inscriptions found on an architrave in the sacristy and in the antependium, or pulpit fall, of the High Altar.

Its most recent renovation dates to 1781 when the church was given the Neoclassical features which you can enjoy today. Its distinctive external colonnade goes back to 1838 while the square-shaped bell tower was made in the first half of the 19th century, thanks to the financial support of Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo.

The Santo Stefano Church has a single nave with a barrel vault. Inside the church, there are several works of art, such as the ‘Madonna della Pace’ by Azelio Tuci which is to be found on the High Altar surrounded by a typically Neoclassical frame.


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